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Based on personal observations and dental case histories gleaned in decades of practising dentistry, Dr. Heard’s "Man Versus Toothache" indeed makes it rather abundantly clear that there seem to be worlds of difference in health value between raw and pasteurised organic milk, as well as milk from cows grazing on mineral-rich pastures (including natural fluorine, not to be confused with the dangerous fluoride) and those grazing on less fertile grounds (or fed on lesser-quality food).

Dr. Heard's book also contains numerous photographs which beautifully illustrate his point that a natural mineral-rich diet complemented by raw mineral-rich milk can both reverse tooth decay and keep teeth healthy for many decades, even in people who never used a toothbrush![3]

In fact, eminent Natural Hygiene[6] proponent Dr. Herbert M. Shelton[4] devotes much detailed space in his book Orthotrophy (also freely downloadable[1]) to the great difference in health-protective values existing between raw and pasteurized milk.

So if you do use dairy, the effort of finding raw organic milk of the highest quality may be very worthwhile, particularly in summer when organic cows are likely to graze outside.

Where do you find raw organic milk?

A great tip for readers worldwide is www.realmilk.com/real-milk-finder/other-countries/ which features raw milk sources in Canada, Chile, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, Denmark, Eastern Europe, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, as well as www.realmilk.com/real-milk-finder/ which offers a comprehensive listing of raw milk farms in every state in the USA.

I understand that due to varying state legislations it may not always be easy to buy raw organic milk. I was surprised to find that it's easy to get raw organic milk here in Berlin, Germany (in fact "Demeter" milk, i.e. of biodynamic quality which follows the highest and strictest organic standards).

I only needed to ask in the (family-run) health food store around the corner and was told I simply needed to put in a special order and they would provide raw biodynamic cow's, goat's or mare's milk once a week according to my specifications.[5]

More information
on the benefits of raw vs pasteurized milk

See for instance www.realmilk.com/health/enzymes/ . A debate & comparison on the raw versus pasteurized milk issue can be found at www.realmilk.com/health/raw-milk-vs-pasteurized-milk/ and abstracts on the effects of pasteurization on the nutritional value of milk at www.realmilk.com/health/abstracts-on-the-effect-of-pasteurization/ .

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1 Downloadable from the extensive online library www.soilandhealth.org, also compare Healing Teeth Naturally's E-books section.
2 For scientific background on bioavailability, see eg Bioavailability: the science behind “live” and “dead” minerals.
3 Also compare On the importance of minerals and trace elements.
4 Compare On the true causes of tooth decay and Dental self-healing quotes.
5 Personally I would never use conventional dairy due to the tremendous and unspeakable cruelty involved in its "production", without even mentioning the antibiotics, pus and other toxins and noxious elements present in conventional milk, and occasionally eat a purely vegan diet, with my long-term aim being to become a full vegan.
6 For background information, see The Natural Hygiene Approach to Healing: "The body heals itself".

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