How I healed my deep gums pockets simply and naturally via diet and toothbrushing

Several years ago, I had been repeatedly assured that only surgical therapy (to remove deposits under the gumline [subgingival accretions] and eradicate the pathogens hidden there and thus effectively control my gum infection) was able to help me at the advanced state of periodontal disease my gums were in at that time.

In fact, the budding dentist in waiting repeatedly pleaded with me to allow him to save me from (i.e. "heal") my "beyond-repair" gum pockets via gum surgery since nothing else would prevent serious damage to my teeth (which of course reflects the official position of conventional dentistry).

Believing that the body is designed to self-heal, I was unfazed. I simply went out, got myself a gun (oops I meant to write electric plaque-removing toothbrush) and set about tackling this little challenge, firmly determined to heal myself (which, incidentally, often seems a decisive ingredient in any kind of healing achieved - the power of will and intention!).

How did I heal my gums? Simple: after buying that electric toothbrush advertised as a successful dental plaque remover[1], I regularly and religiously brushed my teeth and gums with it.

Simultaneously I stepped up and improved my diet (which I had become lax about), resuming eating only natural foods with particular emphasis on seaweed, strictly avoiding sugars etc. Within a matter of days or a few weeks (I only recall that the improvement happened quickly and effortlessly), all symptoms of gum disease or dental plaque deposition abated and have not recurred.

My gums have looked and felt healthy since, now over ten years ago. In other words, my gum pockets healed themselves (which is impossible according to conventional dentists’s lore without the tender attentions of a dental surgeon - and even according to alternative thinkers impossible without the assiduous use of a waterpik/oral irrigator with special cannula tip attachments to allow irrigation and flushing out of the gum pockets).

As frequently is the case, my trusting my body’s ability to heal itself (if properly supported) was crowned with success.


At the time, I had been unaware of xylitol and what it can do for serious gum disease. Should it ever happen again, I would definitely add rinsing with xylitol (or erythritol) to my list of measures to promote gum healing.

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1 I find electric toothbrushes can leave teeth cleaner feeling than normal brushes, unless the latter are specially designed to be anti-plaque or for cleaning between teeth. In that case, manual toothbrushes can be better cleaners in my experience.

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