December 2022

Zähne und Zahnfleisch stärken Vorschläge aus der Pflanzen- und Naturheilkunde

November 2022

DMSO can help teeth & gums Dimethyl sulfoxide in dental & other applications

Primary root caries easily reversed Cavities remineralised thanks to milk, probiotics, and fluoride

October 2022

Omega-3 fatty acids help against gingivitis and periodontitis Flax oil and ground flax seed heal bleeding gums

September 2022

Diatomaceous earth - on dental and other benefits A cheap supplement that can help strengthen teeth and gums

August 2022

Gingivitis and borage oil A remedy against inflammation of the gum tissue

Positive health effects of dentures Dr Daunderer on the benefits of toothlessness and false teeth

Alzheimer's reversed after amalgam detoxification A case story

July 2022

The Banerji protocol for cavities Homeopathic treatment for fighting tooth decay

Erythritol sugar against tooth decay Research shows even more powerful anticavity effects than xylitol

Homeopathic help with trigeminal neuralgia? incl. the Banerji Protocol for general facial neuralgia

Father Kneipp's teething advice How the water cure can spare your child much toothache

June 2022

Oral probiotics and mouth bacteria Why we should look after our oral microbial flora

12 tips how to prevent cavities naturally What to avoid to prevent tooth decay (or stop it getting worse)

April 2022 

8 ways to whiten teeth safely at home

March 2022

Extreme headache & migraine permanently healed by removing dental interference fields


Protein, vitamin c, and magnesium combined The secret to healthy gums?

January 2019

Have you had a lot of conventional dental treatment?

November 2018

Tooth root regeneration via visualisation, affirmation and intention A testimonial of dental healing accomplished via the mind and emotions

March 2018

Jaw bone and gum tissue regrow thanks to Qigong sessions

Periodontal disease and vitamin C Research highlights connection between periodontitis/gingivitis and low plasma ascorbic acid levels

February 2018

Dental interference fields and focal infections Important background information

December 2017

Strengthening / remineralizing enamel, refilling small holes, healing sensitive teeth Various testimonials

February 2017

A simple method to whiten stained teeth Removing surface stains from your enamel

Vitamin C against post-operative pain ascorbic acid can help prevent pain after surgery

January 2017

Products against dry mouth Orahealth XyliMelts

August 2016

Testimonial: tooth abscess vanishes Salt water, oil pulling, wheatgrass pulp

Testimonial: tooth decay reversed and tooth structure repaired A dental regeneration "miracle" following Dr. Hamer’s 'German New Medicine' principles

July 2016

Depression, toxins and pus-filled gums Teeth saved from extraction thanks to detoxification measures

Serious trigeminal neuralgia healed (dare I say it) with cabbage leaf packs

June 2016

Endodontic treatment (root-canalled teeth) and chronic fatigue

Gingivitis natural treatment A combination remedy against inflammation of the gum tissue

Help for trigeminal neuralgia St John's wort (Hypericum perforatum)

April 2016

Treating hidden cavitations, osteitis (bone inflammation) and osteolytic processes (dissolution of bone tissue) in the jaw Could therapeutic intraosseous injections be an alternative to surgery?

February 2016

Tooth extractions are open-bone surgery Dr. Max Daunderer on the lack of sterility in dental practices and prerequisites for successful dental operations

January 2016

Jawbone infection and other problems around a wisdom tooth can cause illnesses of spine and back Retromolar osteolytic processes (osteitis) related to "vertebragenic" diseases

Silvitis A forgotten but powerful anti-inflammatory for topical use based on natural ingredients

December 2015

Problems with dentures Potential risks & inconveniences of false teeth

October 2015

Whole-leaf aloe in dentistry and oral applications A powerful medicinal plant helping against tooth decay, gingivitis and periodontitis

September 2015

Bad breath (halitosis) and autotherapy Healing offensive mouth odors with the patient's own toxins

Dangerous knot disappeared Removing a hidden dental interference field / focal infection possibly saved a man from cancer

August 2015

Periodontal disease and autotherapy Healing periodontitis/gingivitis with the patient's own toxins - a forgotten remedy

July 2015

Natural (full-spectrum) light against tooth decay Ultraviolet (UV) an overlooked "trace" nutrient that prevents and reverses cavities?

May 2015

Sciatica healed Nerve pain gone after removing hidden dental interference fields / focal infections

Paranoia healed after removing a hidden dental interference field / focal infection

Animals healed by removing a dental (and other) interference field

Removal of dental / oral interference fields and focal infections: List of diseases healed (sometimes instantly) as reported by dentist Dr. Ernesto Adler

Articular rheumatism healed thanks to removing dental interference fields and focal infections

Arthritis in knee and breathing difficulties healed upon removal of a hidden dental interference field / focal infection

Neuralgia / neuritis healed upon removal of a hidden dental interference field / focal infection

Oil pulling with olive oil against oral candidiasis An effective antifungal medication and home treatment discovered by German toxicologist Dr. Dr. Max Daunderer

April 2015

Blindness healed Two cases of recovered eyesight after removing dental interference fields / focal infections

Urticaria healed Chronic hives gone after removing a hidden dental focal infection

March 2015

Multiple sclerosis healed hopeless MS patient healthy after removal of dental interference field & focal infection

Psychosis healed Removing a hidden dental interference field / focal infection saves a woman from a life of mental illness

Amalgam mercury restorations and cell phones EMFs from mobile phone calls accelerate hg release from "silver" fillings

Advanced psychosis healed instantly by removing multiple dental interference fields

February 2015

The cure for trigeminal neuralgia? Removing trigger factors in the jaw has permanently stopped excruciating pain attacks

December 2014

Testimonial: psychosis healed instantly by removing dental interference field

Testimonial: urine therapy heals osteoporosis plus naturopathic advice for bone mineral loss and dental healing

Testimonial: botched root canal treatment leads to hemiplegia Paralysis of half of the body following endodontic surgery

November 2014

Periodontal disease and vitamin C Healing periodontitis/gingivitis with ascorbic acid?

Impacted wisdom teeth - potential health impacts Removing interference fields / focal infections can instantly heal physical ailments.

Eyesight restored after amalgam removal When the blind see again

Testimonial: botched root canal destroys life Permanent pain and nerve damage after dental and other surgery

Vote to end the placing of mercury amalgam fillings in the EU Until 16 November 2014: first-time historic opportunity for EU citizens to obtain EU-wide Amalgam ban

October 2014

Endodontic treatment (root-canalled teeth) and carbohydrate metabolism higher amounts of sugar in the blood and urine of endodontic patients

Mastic gum (resin): healthy chewing gum alternative natural jaw exerciser, breath freshener, bacterial plaque fighter, gum helper, tooth whitener - with unique medical benefits.

Recovery from chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) after multiple cavitation surgeries on root-canalled/tooth extraction sites

July 2014

Toothpaste abrasiveness index be aware of RDA values for brushing your teeth without damage to gums and/or enamel

March 2014

Braces testimonial Massive loss of healthy teeth and jawbone after wearing dental retainers for 3+ years

November 2013

Water pulling as effective as oil pulling for teeth and gums? First trial study shows no statistically significant difference in oral bacteria and plaque reduction potential.

September 2013

Zeolite powder for effective heavy metal chelation For detoxifying toxic metals, study shows powdered zeolite far superior to other zeolite-clinoptilolite preparations.

June 2013

What happens if cavities are left untreated: on the "dangers" of tooth decay and dental infections not treated by a dentist

Urine therapy during heavy metal chelation (mercury amalgam, palladium etc.): is it safe?

May 2013

Toothache healed by urine therapy (mouth rinses and/or ingestion) Testimonials of dental pain (incl. under bridgework) yielding to uropathy

April 2013

"Complete smile makeover" permanently ruins teeth On "side effects" of crowning or the fallacious beauty promised by conventional dentistry

February 2013

Testimonial: urine therapy heals severe tooth root infection Urine rinses & fasting dramatically improve loose broken molar, stop all pain and re-enamelize a chipped tooth.

Maria Treben's herbal treatment advice for teeth and gums: plant remedies that can help heal dental issues

December 2012

Tooth root infection remedies: suggested nontoxic, non-invasive and/or natural healing approaches based on anecdotal evidence

MSM (methylsulfonylmethane): dental applications A safe & natural remedy for many types of pain and inflammation, incl. in teeth and gums (with root infection healing testimonial)

November 2012

Canker sores (aphthous ulcers or stomatitis): causes, natural and home remedies

Eigenharnbehandlung zur Heilung von Zähnen, Zahnfleisch und Zahnweh: zu den positiven Wirkungen oraler Urintherapie auf Parodontitis etc.

Kindliches Vertrauen in den Zahnarzt, der "als Arzt zu unserem Wohl handelt", ...kostete sie viele gesunde Zähne und 6000€ - im Austausch für große Schmerzen.

September 2012

Urine therapy for the healing of teeth and gum problems: on the dental benefits of uropathy (shivambu/amaroli treatment)

Wie Bohren & Füllen Zähne (irreversibel) schädigen kann Zu zahlreichen Risiken und Nebenwirkungen (genauer: Gefahren) der konventionellen Zahnheilkunde: gute Gründe, invasive Zahnbehandlungen zu vermeiden

“Odontologia” holística: a força auto-curadora do corpo humano inclui cárie dentária e doença gengival. Bem-vindo às primeiras páginas em língua portuguesa do sítio-web Healing Teeth Naturally!

July 2012

Enjuagarse la boca y lavarse los dientes con azúcar de Xilitol puede detener la formación de caries y curar las afecciones de las encías.

June 2012

Οι πλύσεις στόματος και το πλύσιμο των δοντιών με ξυλιτόλη ...σταματούν την τερηδόνα και θεραπεύουν τα ούλα.

Ένα ισχυρό φάρμακο κατά του πονόδοντου: πλύσεις στόματος με αλάτι

May 2012

Tips how to find a good dentist - if you (assume you) need one

Your dentist's treatment plan and diagnosis ....honest and reproducible or influenced by financial interests? Further research into honesty & quality of dentists' treatment decisions.

Chlorhexidine: a worthwhile conventional mouthwash for occasional use

April 2012

Dental cavitations and cavitation infections (ischemic osteonecrosis): dangerous hidey-holes in the jawbone

Potential risks of dental implant surgery: from implant failure to irreparable nerve damage

March 2012

Risks & complications of dental crown placement: on crowned teeth and their potential hazards (inflammation, pain, pulp death, gum issues, tooth decay, malocclusion, extraction...)

Dentinal fluid transport - revolutionary theory of natural caries resistance and cariogenesis Research by Drs. Steinman & Leonora posits the precedence of host resistance over bacteria as primary cause of tooth decay

Potential risks of orthodontic treatment: tooth decay, tooth loss and TMJ damage from wearing dental braces

Tooth regeneration achieved via Gerson diet detoxification: a testimonial of decayed teeth & enamel rebuilding themselves

Falun Gong practitioner regrows several teeth at 54: Chinese spiritual-energetic qigong tooth regrowth testimonial

February 2012

Unique manual toothbrushes that stand out from the toothbrush crowd and offer special benefits

October 2011

Endodontic treatment (root-canalled teeth) and suicidal tendencies: Killing yourself over a dead tooth?

September 2011

Témoignage : l'huile de poisson (oméga-3) peut guérir caries précoces et sensibilité dentaires

August 2011

Cariogenic Sugar & Its Many Guises: How to recognize hidden sugars (tooth-damaging fermentable mono- and disaccharides)

Endodontic (root canal) treatment: potential (more immediate) complications incl. irreversible brain damage and death

Tooth extractions/pulling teeth - potential health risks and dangers: Cavitations, fatal dental infections, permanent nerve injury, bone fractures and more

Dr. Hulda Regehr Clark on temporomandibular (TMJ) pain, its causes and remedies

Dry mouth (xerostomia): On causes, remedies & treatments of inadequate natural production of saliva

July 2011

Buying the "best" xylitol sugar: companies/sources that sell non-GMO/GMO-free/not made in China. On the great variability in product descriptions provided by xylitol vendors/brands.

Ionising radiation from dental X-rays and increased thyroid cancer risk plus: X-rays and the detection of cavitation infections

Testimonial: trusting that dentists as doctors will act in your best interest a person lost most of her healthy teeth and 6000€ while "gaining" tremendous pain

Testimonial: brain fog, painful fibromyalgia, acid reflux, indigestion, incontinence, leg & stomach edema, hearing loss & ringing ears, high cholesterol: healed by mercury amalgam and other dental metals removal

June 2011

Testimonial: bridge placement, professional tooth cleaning & root canal: How conventional dentistry has destroyed two healthy front teeth

March 2011

Why there must be more determinants of dental health than diet and bacteria

Dental bridge placement: risks & complications: whether permanent or removable, bridges have permanent consequences.

Dr. Hulda Regehr Clark on dental bridges and crowns excerpted from "The Cure For All Diseases"

Best tooth-friendly sugar substitutes: natural and/or healthy sugar-free sweeteners and alternatives to sugar

February 2011

General risks of dental check-ups: how check-ups can damage the health of your teeth

Amalgam material safety data sheet (sample): How manufacturers warn dentists placing amalgam fillings.

Drilling & filling teeth: an unwise choice? On risks, damages and dangers as well as numerous reasons for avoiding conventional invasive dental treatment.

January 2011

"Ten dentists - ten diagnoses": a "must-read" on misdiagnoses or the quality and reproducibility of dentists' treatment decisions

December 2010

Testimonial: toothache, tooth decay and gum pockets naturally healed and reversed via fasting and good nutrition

Foire aux questions concernant l'utilisation de sucre de xylitol dans sa forme pure selon les recommandations du dentiste Dr Bruhn (5 pages)

Les bains de bouche et brossages au sucre de xylitol: auto-traitement efficace des caries dentaires et des parodontopathies

Le sucre de xylitol: d'autres emplois utiles dans l'hygiène bucco-dentaire

November 2010

Le xylitol, un sucre miracle pour les dents?

Healing reports & testimonials re the use of xylitol sugar for tooth/mouth rinses and brushing: periodontal disease, receding gums, tooth sensitivity, coated tongue, chronic inflammatory gingival enlargement, plaque, tartar, bad breath - all gone, cleaner whiter teeth, oral mucosa healed after chemo

October 2010

Effective dental self-treatment: rinsing mouth and brushing teeth with xylitol sugar has stopped tooth decay and healed periodontitis/gum disease.

Rinsing and brushing teeth with xylitol sugar: frequently asked questions (FAQ) (5 pages)

More powerful xylitol sugar applications: xylitol gel for people with disabilities, etc.

Mundspülen und Zähneputzen mit Xylitzucker: großartige Heilwirkungen auf Karies & Zahnfleischprobleme

Xylit zur erfolgreichen Selbstbehandlung von Zähnen und Zahnfleisch: häufig gestellte Fragen (FAQ)

Bienvenue sur les premières pages françaises de Healing Teeth Naturally!

August 2010

Healing cavities & restoring teeth via sun cure remedies: About Jakob Lorber's solar caries powder, sunned plum schnaps and salt

Spiritual healing testimonial: seriously compromised, painful teeth (cavities, toothache) apparently recover via the "Healing Stream" (Bruno Groening).

Xylitol, the dental miracle sugar: easy preventive dental care par excellence - whether you are fighting tooth decay, plaque build-up, bad breath or dry mouth - xylitol products can provide effective help.

Natural toothbrush alternatives: traditionally used "chewing sticks" have medicinally active ingredients.

July 2010

Phytic acid: on the (difficult) absorption of tooth-friendly phosphorus and other minerals from seeds, nuts, beans and grains. Reversing cavities by abandoning grains?

Vitamin K2: essentiell für Kalziumstoffwechsel und Knochen- & Zahnmineralisation

Added warning to Toothpaste alternatives: hydrogen peroxide.

Wahre "Zahnheilkunde" heißt Zähne natürlich und holistisch heilen: erfolgreiche Selbstbehandlung von Karies und Parodontalerkrankungen ist möglich. Willkommen auf den ersten deutschen Seiten von Healing Teeth Naturally!

Oil pulling has cured advanced gum disease with bone loss? A brief testimonial.

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