Rudolph Breuss advice for easing pain of teething

Eminent naturopathic practitioner Rudolf Breuss writes that babies suffering from teething pains can easily be helped in the following very simple way. Whenever the child starts to cry, give it a teaspoon of pure water. As soon as it feels the water in its mouth, it will calm down.

When it becomes restless and starts crying again (perhaps after ten minutes or so), feed it another spoonful of water. Repeat as required. Breuss adds that doing this will avoid all discomfort to your baby while teething and its teeth will be better and stronger to boot.


One mother reported that kombucha helped her baby's teething pain when no other thing she had tried had worked. She also used it for diaper rash.

Essential oils

Put one drop of pure essential oil of cloves on your finger and apply it to the baby's gum (you can dilute it with some coconut oil but the baby's saliva will dilute it by itself). This has a numbing effect.

Follow up or alternate with one drop of pure essential oil of camomile which is soothing and has a pleasant taste. This regime has been found to be a great help during teething and to help the baby sleep (reported by Dr. Eric Zielinski).[1]

Cloves tea for toddlers two years and older

Bring a cup of water (240 ml) to the boil, pour over 5-6 cloves, let steep. Allow to cool, dip a clean cloth in the tea and let your child chew on it. The cloves tea has a numbing effect and can be alternated, as above, with camomile tea.

DIY "Lower pain" spray

Author Kelley Eidem has provided (at no cost) a natural pain free spray recipe of his own invention which has worked well (even miraculously) for a number of pain issues and which is free of toxic ingredients. One mother reported that it also worked extremely well on her baby's teething pain. She simply rubbed it on the child's cheek whenever he woke up screaming and in less than a minute, the child went back to sleep.

You can learn how to make the spray yourself at .

Incidentally, one person even reported getting rid of trigeminal neuralgia pain - one of the most painful conditions in the world - thanks to the spray.[2]

Homeopathic remedies for teething pain

Osanit globuli

Sugar-free (sweetened with xylitol) homeopathic globuli particularly addressing the psychological side of teething pain. Contains Hypromellose, Magnesium phosphoricum C6, Calcium carbonicum "Hahnemanni" C8, Ferrum phosphoricum C8, Chamomilla D6, Calcium phosphoricum D12.


A gentle homeopathic remedy made from the chamomile plant which reportedly relieves gum redness and irritability as well as digestive issues associated with teething.

(the following excerpted from holistic dentist Dr. Bill Wolfe's site

Homeopathic tooth eruption remedies

  • Calcarea carbonica - Use for a delayed eruption.
  • Chamomilla: - Use for difficult teething.
  • Zincum metallicum - Use for teeth gritting during difficult eruption and associated with loose teeth and bleeding gums.

To prevent "cancelling out" the effect of homeopathic medication, compare "Antidotes" to homeopathic remedies: something to be aware of and avoid.

Various natural remedies for easing or curing babies' teething pain

Necklace made from amber beads

particularly made for babies and toddlers.

Necklace made from hazelwood

Also described as helpful with teething. As with similar items, make sure it contains nothing that baby could put in its mouth, swallow etc.

(the following is excerpted from

Silver dime

"[G]et a real silver dime and drill a small hole in the top. Run a piece of yarn thru the hole. Make the necklace short enough that the baby will not choke on it. Have baby wear necklace while teething."

Allspice bead necklace

"I strung up a necklace of whole allspice beads for my 4-month-old... he wears them all the time. It stopped the high fevers, fussiness, and most of the teething pain. It also tightened his gums right up so the teeth could just pop through."

Yellow root (goldenseal?)

Whenever a baby in our family started teething, my grandmother would get a small length of "yellow root" and cut it into 1/4 to 1/2" chunks and make a small necklace. She would make them strong enough so that the child could not break it and placed it around the baby's neck and all during teething periods, the children never had swelling or pain from the teething!!

Comment re Goldenseal, "Not sure I'd recommend a baby chewing on [it] but when dry, Goldenseal is so hard, it may not get very much by chewing on it. It tastes awful, though. It has been used many times for canker sores."


Dr. Eric Zielinski reports that even the US FDA (not exactly known to overly promote natural alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs) warns that teething pain is a natural occurrence and advises against OTC drugs for teething babies. Instead it recommends gently rubbing the child's gums with your finger, giving it a cool teething ring, cold wet washcloth etc.

Dr Zielinski adds that sleep disturbances, decreased appetite, congestion, fever, vomiting are actually natural symptoms of teething. He suggests considering to let the fever run or to keep it at bay by simply treating it with pure essential oils of orange and peppermint diluted in fractionated coconut oil and rubbed into the skin of the entire back.

(There are of course many other naturopathic approaches to keep fever within reasonable bounds - fever - unless life-threateningly high - does serve a very important purpose in the human body[3]).

Wisdom tooth, erupting

Chew something hard such as a raw carrot. Vigorous chewing can help teeth to erupt more quickly, as well as when regularly done, strengthen and widen the jawbone. Compare Dental health prerequisite number 6: proper mastication - exercise your teeth and gums by chewing well.

Special note

Make sure to read Xylitol, a dental miracle sugar to help spare your child the ravages, pain and disfigurement of tooth decay.


1 Compare Essential oils for oral and dental care, disinfection and healing of gums.

2 For several reports showing how trigeminal neuralgia was healed for good, see The cure for trigeminal neuralgia? Removing trigger factors in the jaw has permanently stopped excruciating pain attacks.

3 Compare Nature Heals (2): Fever [Hyperthermia].

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