A friend of mine who is a dentist once told me that the way most dentists practice - drilling and filling even small cavities - is in his opinion unethical and unnecessary because these small cavities are easily repairable, i.e., can be remineralized without dental intervention.  He’s a pretty mainstream dentist, so his method is to give the patient a high-fluoride toothpaste with instructions to brush frequently with it for some prescribed period of time.   

Fluoride is of course one of the most toxic substances on earth, so I personally would not put it in my mouth. The fact that he has had success with this method, however, shows that as a general proposition, remineralization and repair of small cavities is a valid approach.

Ulla Schmid’s document “Healing cavities naturally, how to reverse tooth decay” has what are in my opinion much better and much safer ways to attempt the same, using minerals and substances and foods that are consistent with good health, rather than toxins - along with additional supportive practices. I have not done her program and cannot offer a personal opinion as to its effectiveness but if the need arises I will certainly consult this document again and give her suggestions a try.

Dean M., US (received in August 2023)

Dental self-healing