Subsequently, the body "recognizes" that it carries a dead component in itself and tries to dispose of it via lysis (decomposition). This alone sets up a permanent infection which will be held in check only by a strong immune system - and whenever your immunity is compromised such as under the onslaught of stress, malnutrition etc., the infection site is likely to get bigger.

Decades of meticulous research (such as that done by dentist Dr. Weston A. Price) have shown the deleterious effects of root canal treatments and their possible relationship to chronic and degenerative disease. Diseases linked to root canal treatments particularly concern the heart and circulation, the joints (arthritis and rheumatism), the brain and nervous system, and even cancer[1].

In fact according to dentist Hal A. Huggins writing in his book Uninformed Consent : The Hidden Dangers in Dental Care, "research has shown that the toxins in the dentin tubules of root-canaled teeth and cavitation[2] sites are far more toxic than even mercury[3]. They are the most toxic substances yet discovered."

Can you undo or neutralize the (potential) damage from root-canalled teeth?

This subject (such as pulling root-canalled teeth and cleaning out the jaw bone) is discussed on the pages listed below. A number of ways in which various people have successfully addressed tooth root infections incl. those stemming from root-canaled teeth without having the tooth extracted can be found at Tooth root infection remedies.

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1 Here can be read a few anecdotal examples showing a relationship between dental treatment and some types of cancer.

2 Cavitation: bone infection in the jaw bone. More at Dental cavitations and cavitation infections (ischemic osteonecrosis): dangerous hidey-holes in the jawbone.

3 See e.g. On the dangers of dental amalgam (mercury) "silver" fillings.

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