Among Dr. Price's results from thousands of blood tests performed on patients and animals infected with root-filled teeth, the following will be of particular interest to people battling with high blood sugar issues.

In 55 endodontic patients tested by Dr Price, he found a statistically significant disturbance in their carbohydrate metabolism accompanied by hyperglycemia and glycosuria (higher amounts of sugar in their blood and urine, respectively).

Later researchers - E. Cheraskin, MD, DMD, MA and W.M. Ringsdorf, Jr., DMD, MS - confirmed Dr. Price's above findings by reporting in the Journal of Oral Medicine evidence of disturbed carbohydrate metabolism found in patients who had had endodontic treatment.

Their four papers on the subject were published between 1968 and November 1987, three of which are referenced on the official PUBMED biomedical database:

  • The biology of the endodontic patient. I. Two-hour postprandial blood glucose frequency distribution (January 1968)
  • The biology of the endodontic patient. II. Causes of periapical pathosis and two-hour postprandial blood glucose (April 1968)
  • The biology of the endodontic patient. 3. Variability in periapical healing and blood glucose (July 1968)

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