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More testimonials: rinsing with a salt solution has stopped extreme toothache

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"Thank you so very much! I have been in agonising pain for the past 48 hours from a swollen infected gum. I've been taking so many anti-anflammatories (naproxen and ibuprofen) that I was afraid I would overdose and received very little relief. Clove oil, warm face packs and gum massage also failed to work (in fact they seemed to exacerbate the pain).

I rinsed my mouth with a mixture of Himalayan pure sea salt and warm water and the relief was almost immediate.

I also crushed half an ibuprofen tablet and mixed it with a half teaspoon of salt and two drops of clove oil. I then applied this to the infected area with a clean cotton bud and the pain has completely gone, leaving behind a slight ache that is easy to ignore. I will now be able to sleep for the first time in two days.

I genuinely cannot thank you enough for your sage advice. I was sceptical at first (especially when I read the addendum regarding urology[1]) but I now see that the natural approach works so much better than medication. If I find that salt stops working I'll be prepared to give it a go!

Thanks again. I'm honestly not sure if I could have survived another night of pain and no sleep. Your advice may very well have saved my life...it has definitely saved my sanity!

I will be sure to tell everyone about your site and the relief your advice has brought me.
And on that note, I am going to sleep (hooray!)"
(with thanks to Michelle W, December 6, 2015)

"... your water + salt remedy is the best thing that has happened to my teeth since I started developing cavities. I had a few teeth extracted as a result of deep infections, abscesses etc, and yesterday I started having the first pangs of pain after half a year of relative 'calm'. Not even a good brushing with tooth paste and a thorough mouth-washing was enough, but the low throbbing of pain resumed its agenda shortly after that!

I knew that was the beginning of another dentist hell, where I would possibly lose another tooth, so I browsed the 'net and found your page. The pain subsided and went away completely after a good swish of salty water and have slept like an angel, with no threat of pain at all, even in the morning. After breakfast I repeated the procedure and I'm looking forward to spending a pain-free rest of the weekend!"
(with thanks to Sergi, January 18, 2015)

"...all morning i was in SERIOUS pain from a horrible tooth ache... i did that salt stuff and it worked like right away! all morning i tried advil.. i tried a hot towel on my face.. i tried a ice tray on my face!. i even meditated! i never meditate! and all it took was some salty saly gross water. but whatevs.. it worked."
(with thanks to Christie C, August 29, 2010)

Addendum by Healing Teeth Naturally

Michelle used an interesting combination remedy. After initially quelling the pain with simple salt water rinses, she applied half a painkiller tablet combined with salt and clove oil[2] to the offending area. It is well known that applying a painkiller directly to the sore area can perfectly numb the pain for some time (even hours), see details, pros and cons at Allopathic toothache remedies: on OTC chemical painkillers. Adding salt will likely allow the painkiller to penetrate even more quickly and deeply.


1 This remark refers to what (oddly in the eyes of the layperson) seems like another truly sovereign remedy for dental pain: the "controversial" auto-urine rinses which I recommend in obstinate cases. Compare the remarkable science supporting the medical uses of urine and compounds extracted from it - uropathy has even been used to heal cancer.

2 The old standby oil of cloves has many beneficial properties (antibacterial, antiseptic, fungicidal, etc ) making it a powerful disinfectant and local anaesthetic. For additional information incl. safety considerations, see clove oil for toothache.

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