Salt water toothache relief testimonials

While I could add my own and a friend's salt water success stories with toothache, the following is a compilation of the most dramatic reports I've received, typically by those who'd already exhausted all the "recommended" options, i.e. conventional painkillers, mouthwash such as Listerine, brushing teeth, or even cold and hot applications.

Here is a first sample testimonial:

"I've been pumping ibuprofen and vicoden for 30 mins of tears and moaning and an ice pack and despair over crippling pain in my mouth. I found a few moments to google for help and was led to YOU.... A little warm water and table salt and swishing over and around the teeth and the absolutely crippling pain has subsided....

I am a 40 year old man and not quite a person who can't handle pain... if I would have been offered to cut off a finger in exchange for the mouth pain to stop I would have offered the butcher knife... it was that bad. If I hadn't found you I REALLY was ready to call an ambulance. [...] something so simple [...] shame on the entire medical world for not divulging such a simple pain reliever."

Several others read:

"... a lifesaver, I never believed people when they told me to use salt water for toothache but your comments convinced me, my pain was so bad, I had been suffering from toothache so bad I couldn't stop crying and I couldn't sleep, I used your remedy and after a couple of minutes started to see results, it didn't go away completely but it help[ed] make it bearable enough that I could at least sleep and I have never been so grateful to someone before."

"I broke my tooth ... went to the emergency room who basically dismissed me with some crappy pain pills. My friend gave me some of her stronger pain pills. Nothing worked. I couldn't sleep or eat for 2 days. I was in so much pain that I was actually crying. My husband found your site and talked me into trying the salt. ... saved my weekend and my sanity. It worked immediately. The pain was gone instantly and hasn't come back yet. I have been pain free for 12 hours now and and am so happy."

"...hard to find words to express my thanks. I have been suffering from extreme tooth and jaw ache for a week (and periodically for years, popping ibuprofen and co-codamol like sweets. It got to the point where nothing helped and during a sleepless night last night I came upon your website.

I too thought the salt water seemed too easy but on my first application, instant relief! I have had the best night's sleep and now 12 hours later and not a pill popped I feel like different (pain free) person. How can you thank someone who has stopped the worse pain — and I have had 2 children — enough. ... the light at the end of a very dark tunnel."

"...haven't been to the dentist for 16 years... and developed pain to the point I nearly fainted ... I tried this salt water technique and repeated its application at c. 3 week intervals. Now four months later the two teeth in question are free of pain." (translated from German by Healing Teeth Naturally)

"...a lifesaver. My last wisdom teeth was killing me as it grows. I was on heavy painkillers which took a long time to take effect, made me drowsy and sleepy and made my stomach hurt.

I was skeptical, because using salt for easing pain? Sounds contradictory but I was willing to try anything. I can't thank you enough, the salt treatment is working out great, and I keep a small thermos of the stuff with me when I go to work so I can get to my job again!" (This testimonial is interesting as it shows that salt water can even help with pain from growing wisdom teeth.)

"I nearly died, and probably damaged my liver with Panadol [acetaminophen] overdose[1] last night. However, the salt cure has brought me back to life again. Thank you for sharing, it really works. The pain is still there, but it is 10% as to 200% prior."

In cases such as these, where some pain continues to linger, I personally recommend what seems like another truly sovereign remedy for dental pain: auto-urine rinses. Understandably difficult at first for most but once one has experienced the amazing benefits [which frequently seem like magic and which actually go beyond pain relief], one never wants to do without them again. To help you understand the reasons, see the outstanding science underpinning the medical uses of urine and/or its compounds — uropathy has even been used to put cancer into remission.

"I was in great pain for several days due to a newly developed cavity. I was scheduled to see an emergency dentist, but that was still 5 days away. I was not sure how I would make it until the appointment. Then I found your site. Your salt water and tea tree oil saved me! It was truly a God Send and fixed my pain in about two days! I canceled the appointment. Thank you, thank you, thank you!" (Kurt Irmiter

Salt water rinses followed by oil pulling

To date, I have received two personal testimonials where salt water helped initially but not in the longer term and where in both cases, the person concerned found subsequent relief via oil pulling. See Oil pulling and dental pain: sample testimonials.

Toothache combination remedy:
saltwater plus baking soda and listerine

See site visitor Trent's toothache success report.

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1 Compare Allopathic toothache remedies.

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