Take baking soda and mix it with enough 3% hydrogen peroxide to make a paste (about 2-3 drops). Optionally, add flavouring agents such as peppermint or other essential oil[1], stevia[2] and/or xylitol[3].

Brush the visible tooth surfaces (fronts and sides) for about two minutes.

If your teeth have whitened after the first brushing, remember to keep brushing with diluted sea salt water, xylitol or other gentle alternatives to toothpaste[5] each time after drinking or eating anything that might stain.

If your teeth haven't whitened after the first brushing, repeat the baking soda plus 3% hydrogen peroxide brushing but be aware that while baking soda is not abrasive and in fact a recommended ersatz for toothpaste[4], hydrogen peroxide is aggressive and can damage teeth - so use with caution[5].


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1 For inspiration and background on dental benefits, see Essential oils.
2 For information on stevia and its dental benefits, see Best tooth-friendly sugar substitutes
3 Background to this amazing substance at Xylitol - the dental miracle sugar and Rinsing and brushing teeth with straight xylitol sugar has healed tooth decay and periodontal diseases.
4 See Baking soda as tooth powder for cleaning teeth.
5 See details under Toothpaste alternatives.

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