Testimonial previously found at the website of healer Ron Wilding, Australia

"... in January 2004 an old root canal tooth which had been 90% filling material (restorations) above the gumline had gradually lost almost all its filling material, exposing the old root canal root and pulp, and allowing debris and saliva into it.

Well, within a few weeks, the dead root/tooth became abscessed, and I was walking around with a big bump on my upper left cheek from the abscess, and with a concomitant moderate degree of pain and discomfort in that area and in nearby teeth.

Well, anyone who knows me knows that I did not jump up and run to a dentist, nor did I turn to antibiotics or 'alternative' anti-microbials. Rather, I simply increased my intake of antioxidants and EM fermented antioxidant brews (a powerful live-food nutritional supplement), since the toxins produced by the bacteria in such abscessed dead roots are highly oxidative in nature.

Finally, when the abscess had persisted for five days non-stop, I intuitively picked from the web (from the many tens of thousands of energy healers available) the best energy healer for the "problem", and ended up calling Ron Wilding in Australia

While he calls his healing a type of "spiritual healing", it is apparent that there is a strong energy component to it as well (in contrast, for example to my healing method or the Joel Goldsmith method), and I somehow felt and 'knew' that this was what was needed at the moment....

Well, I called Ron the same evening that I had been guided to pick him; he charged me $40 (USD) for an absent healing, and the effect was strongly apparent within a few hours; the sizeable abscess was totally gone within 32 hours.

The degree of relief and healing was even greater than that of some dental healing work done for me in the past by two other energy healer friends of mine. I strongly recommend Ron Wilding."

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