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This is all the more important since the most widely used search engine seems to have downranked my health websites for reasons of their own, as has happened to other similar websites who challenge certain interests including health heavy-weight (see an in-depth article on this serious subject at ). Note that search engines such as Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, and Ecosia do not seem to censor "alternative" health sites (DuckDuckGo additionally doesn’t track you).

One of several pages I consider particularly important (compare listing at the top of the Home page) since they can help relieve and prevent so much suffering in an easy fashion is My personal best toothache cure.

Knowing that suicides have been committed due to unbearable toothache (to my knowledge particularly in places where there are no dentists or where the sufferer can't afford one), it is so important to make everyone aware that a simple remedy exists that next to everyone everywhere has access to and which seems to work in many or in fact most cases!

As someone commented to me "...shame on the entire medical world for not divulging such a simple pain reliever." Consider helping to spread what for numerous people has been excellent news! This salt water toothache remedy page (or a short excerpt thereof containing the most salient points) also exists in a number of other languages.

An even easier (and absolutely always accessible) powerful way to relieve toothache (as well as help heal its causes) is uropathy, see Toothache healed by urine therapy.

And if you know anyone afflicted with trigeminal neuralgia (one of the most excruciating pains a human can experience and another cause of suicide), do point them to the several help pages for trigeminal neuralgia listed under the section on oral and dental interference fields and focal infections.

If you are a webmaster and/or have your own website or blog, thank you for considering linking to or mentioning these or other pages.

2. Share your dental stories

Both "good" and "bad", success or failure, they will serve to help others become more aware and make better-informed choices as to what may be best and worst to do in their individual situation regarding their teeth and/or gums. Please send your testimonials via my Contact form. Thank you!

3. Translate or proofread

If you are fluent in other languages, you can help translate parts or all of several important pages of this site or proofread automated translations. I currently consider the following five pages to be the most important in terms of helping to prevent dental suffering:

Please contact me if interested in contributing in this manner - but be aware: it involves work :-).

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Prayer, reiki etc. can be powerful and I am grateful for any positive energy sent my way meant to enhance my happiness, wellbeing and inner and outer experience of love while striving to serve the highest good of all.

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... and for a complete summary of the best, easiest, and most efficient ways I know to stop and cure tooth decay

after studying the subject for twelve years, click here.


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