I am blessed with particularly solid and strong teeth. Nevertheless, at age 8 or so, I broke off a part of my left front tooth while playing. My concerned parents took me to a dentist who proceeded to file down two of my front teeth and fitted a bridge[1]. (Had I known then what I know now, namely that children's teeth can easily regrow a missing bit as well as reverse cavities, such as via diet, by using EFT [or simply spontaneously], I would never have allowed this to happen.)

In my early twenties (and with my childlike trust in dentists still intact), I had my teeth professionally cleaned by a Chinese dentist. Being partial to Oriental medicine, I entered her office with high hopes of receiving particularly good treatment. The dentist proceeded to clean a number of my teeth (although I am now aware that it is recommended to only do a few at a time due to irritation issues likely to arise).

Several days later, I developed a huge abscess on my front tooth (the one that had been broken off as a child). I rushed back to (another) dentist who declared that the root was infected and a root canal was in order. In my eagerness to do all the right things and not knowing that a root canal meant the complete loss of my front tooth[2], I allowed this deathblow to be dealt to this tooth.

Several years later, I developed a new infection accompanied by great pain at the root tip of the root-canaled front tooth. An apicoectomy (root end surgery) was recommended to me and performed and mercury amalgam[3] inserted into my tooth.

To this day whenever I suffer from serious stress, the same spot starts developing excruciating pain and an abscess will form. I recently learned the reason why:

The body "knows" that a root-canaled tooth is dead and tries to get rid of this dead part of itself by setting up or allowing an infection in the area, aiming to dissolve the remainder of the tooth.

Now the immune system normally keeps this ongoing infection in check. Under stress however, the immune system will work less efficiently and voilà, the permanent "silent" infection will flare up and cause an abscess and pain.

My second front tooth that was filed down to serve as abutment, formerly in perfect health, of course is also seriously damaged.[1]

All of this is due to conventional dentists's ignorance regarding the self-healing capacity particularly of children's teeth and their ignoring the dangers and senselessness of root canals.[2]

Update 2019

In recent years, following a series of severe traumas, I have also developed extreme brain fog and adrenal fatigue. I've read that from an energy (meridian) viewpoint, the front teeth are considered "brain teeth". More under Endodontic treatment (root-canalled teeth) and chronic fatigue.

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Addenda by Healing Teeth Naturally

1) Enhanced risk of bacterial endocarditis after professional tooth cleanings

Two researchers from the Sinai-Grace Hospital in Detroit, Max B. Winslow and Samuel H. Millstone, found that 20 percent of patients with heart problems developed bacterial endocarditis (inflammation of the inner tissues of the heart) within several weeks of a routine tooth cleaning.

See their paper Bacteremia after prophylaxis published in the Journal of Periodontology in 1965. While this research was carried out on individuals with pre-existing conditions, it seems to point to a general dissemination of oral bacteria into the bloodstream occurring during professional tooth cleanings.

2) A site visitor reported that she feels that professional tooth cleanings led to several of her teeth being crowned (compare Risks of crowning).

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1 For the damage done to teeth by bridges, see Risks & complications of wearing a dental bridge.

2 For the damage done by root canals as well as its potential health hazards, see Root canal (endodontic) treatment.

3 For the dangers of mercury amalgams, see Dental fillings: potential toxic timebombs ticking in your mouth?.

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