I am a 60 year old Frenchman presently in the US and I have a cure for small cavities.

When I lived in France, in order to save money, instead of buying butter for my food I bought fish oil margarine which was the cheapest. I never felt a need to waste time and money on a dentist.

When I came to the US I could not find that kind of margarine, they just don't have it, and a few months later I found myself totally disabled one morning, not even able to stand up nor read in bed because the pain in my back was so excruciating. I realized where the problem came from, as in France even when performing very heavy lifting I never had any back pain.

I started to take every day 2 fish oil gels and the problem was gone. Also, by chance I saw an article confirming why I did not feel any more toothache either, about life in the ancient Marquesas islands in southern Pacific Ocean, being remote they had to rely for their food only on what they had around, thus eating fish every day.

The result was when anthropologists came to dig out ancient Marquesans to see what artifacts they had been buried with, they found all skulls had still attached teeth, the teeth were complete and in perfect condition in spite of the fact that those people died of old age and brushing teeth was unknown (unneeded!) in those times.

Fish oil is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, but wanting to be more veggie I tried flaxseed oil which also has those fatty acids, but it did not work for me, after a few days I started to feel back and toothache coming back.

Based on those findings I wrote to both the French minister of health and the US secretary of health about early tooth decay being easily prevented by fish oil. The French did not answer, the US did, saying my letter was forwarded to their odontology research department.

Afterwards I never saw a campaign to encourage people to use fish oil, neither in France nor in the US. That total silence made me think that probably those governments give priority to professional lobbies (dentists and chiropractors) over public health, people have to continue to suffer from their teeth and back in order for those experts to continue having a regular flow of customers.

The public campaigns just continued with the usual recommendations such as brushing your teeth after every meal, exactly like diet and exercise are supposed to be the remedy to obesity.

The irony is US fish products are carefully cleared of oil for fear that if left it would make US people more obese.

I feel so blessed I discovered by chance that blessing for health, originally just because I wanted to save money. Citizens should be able to think by themselves as frequently what the governments say is manipulative and deceitful, hiding the truth in order to favor private interests, thus in blatant dereliction of duty, betraying routinely their own people, and after hypocritically complaining about high costs of health care.

Fish oil in gels costs $5 per month and provides good joints and good teeth, but I prefer eating the fish oil margarine, it tastes good and is even cheaper.

Some technical notes by Healing Teeth Naturally

Fish oil vs. flax oil as a source of omega-3 fatty acidsl

You may have heard about Dr. Budwig's cancer treatment centered around flax oil and quark/cottage cheese. It's possible that the flaxoil didn't work for Filip because he didn't metabolise it properly into the DHA and EPA already "ready-made", i.e. immediately available, in fish oil.

Fish oil is high in the “long-chain” omega-3 fatty acids, eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). Flaxseed oil is 58% LNA (or ALA) part of which is used by the body as a precursor for these long-chain fatty acids (using the enzyme D6D desaturase).

Vitamin B6 is known to deplete under stress and cause the shortage of D6D desaturase (and this is the likely reason why Dr. Budwig included nutritional yeast for the best and closest to natural 'B' complex).[1]

Interestingly, in her book Cancer — The Problem and The Solution[4], Dr. Budwig reports on one of her patients who was put on her diet rich in omega-3s and sulphurated amino acids: "An inflamed tooth nerve which had been causing enormous pain completely healed in no time without a dentist's intervention."

Algae oil healthier? On an environmentally friendlier (sustainable) vegan/vegetarian Omega-3 source alternative

As you may be aware, the fish themselves accumulate their omega-3 essential fatty acids by eating marine algae. As a relatively novel[2] nutritional supplement, Omega-3-rich algae oil may be an excellent alternative source of omega-3 fatty acids.

Also according to recent reports, standard fish oil products apparently could be polluted with mercury, which may constitute another reason to prefer non-animal (i.e. lower on the food chain) sources of omega-3 fatty acids.

In any case, I would advise to do some research before buying any fish oil products. (Incidentally, krill oil while possibly safer is not an eco-friendly [sustainable] source of marine omega 3s).

Research: omega-3s and calcium metabolism

Interestingly, research carried out by Prof. Bruno Baggio, MD, DSc (with Alessandro Budakovic) on the subject of "Fatty acids, calcium and bone metabolism", first published in the Journal of Nephrology in 2002, points to omega-3 essential fatty acids having some effects on the body's calcium metabolism.

Another tooth-friendly oil? Virgin coconut oil

Virgin coconut oil (and other coconut products) provide a natural source of an antimicrobial called lauric acid as well as other benefits.[3] After enzymatic conversion into the monoglyceride Monolaurin it becomes a powerful germ fighter which will inactivate many viruses, bacteria and protozoa.

The jury is still out on the question of how much the body benefits from this but from anecdotal dental self-help reports I have read it appears that organic virgin coconut oil can be a powerful tooth helper and cleaner, strengthening teeth and helping to heal and prevent cavities. For dental issues, it may be particularly advantageous to (also) use it for the (highly recommended) daily cleansing routine of oil pulling.

In any case, incorporating this oil into your diet should only do you good.

About the author

Filip Marceron has a project dear to his heart which involves helping children that have been abused (sexually and otherwise). You can read about it in French and in English and in more detail at his website https://www.sites.google.com/site/milieutherapyforchildren/ .

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Footnotes by Healing Teeth Naturally

1 The above is excerpted from Budwig diet: Substituting fish oil for flax oil? where you can read more details about the subject.

2 at least in Europe (where it is now available as a supplement derived from schizochytrium or ulkenia microalgae).

3 In fact coconut oil is a mainstay and must-addition in Dr. Johanna Budwig's well-known oil-protein diet centering around flax oil and cottage choose or quark.

4 You can read excerpts from this book here.

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