Healing Teeth Naturally

In the spring of 2003, after many years, I showed my face at the dentist's again. The cause: a toothache from hell! After checking my teeth, the dentist said  the cause of the pain was my right upper wisdom tooth which was affected by advanced tooth decay and had to be extracted. Another tooth was also decayed and I had 3 - 4 mm pockets in my gums, all of which required treatment.

"Fine", I thought, "but I don't think so".

Now in 2008, my wisdom tooth is still there, and the tooth decay on my other tooth has long since gone. Nor could any of the dentists I visited half a year and a year later for a checkup find any gum pockets. No dental treatment was required for any of this.

The power of our body to heal itself, if properly wielded, is grossly underestimated."

Robert Römer healed his toothache initially by fasting for several days and then followed it up with a tooth-friendly diet which allowed his teeth and gums to heal themselves. Also compare the dramatic dental healings reported in On the effects of fasting on the health of teeth and gums.

Case stories: natural tooth and/or gum healing

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