"The information you provided, free of charge, saved me from making a terrible decision. I got a tooth abscess on the root — this is normally a bad situation — and every medical expert claimed the only treatment was root canal. I knew this had to be wrong.[1]

Along with salt water rinses and oil pulling, I packed my mouth with wheatgrass pulp. [I had read about using] DMSO[4] as a carrier to help carry whatever you use to neutralize the infection to the root. So I [also] included some DMSO, rubbing it on the abscess [before doing the salt rinses, oil pulling and wheatgrass pulp].

All of these activities combined healed my abscess fully, to the best of my knowledge. Thank you kindly."

Oil pulling actually has scientific studies into its dental health benefits to back it, while salt and salt water has been widely used both for dental hygiene purposes[2], to powerfully relieve toothache and to help bring down swelling in the oral mucosa

Wheatgrass is of course another powerful healing, detoxifying and nourishing agent but not the only one. Reportedly, many different approaches have been successfully applied to tackle abscesses on one's own steam.[3]

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Footnotes by Healing Teeth Naturally

1 Healing Teeth Naturally devotes an entire section to the subject of root canal treatment and why in the interest of health, they might be best avoided. .

2 See Toothpaste alternatives and Bad breath remedies.

3 See Abscess home remedies.

4 DMSO (Dimethyl sulfoxide) is a chemical compound able to penetrate the skin used as a vehicle for topical application of various agents as well as an analgesic, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Even more, DMSO has worked as a powerful healing agent in its own right. Background on DMSO and one impressive example of its effectiveness can be read under DMSO helps against lymphedema? A powerful anecdotal case report.

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