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A woman I will call Ann related that during a routine checkup the dentist found a carious spot (cavity) in one of her right upper molars which he planned to immediately drill and fill.

The patient, an adept of Dr. Hamer’s "German New Medicine"[2], explained to the dentist that the presence of dental caries meant "conflict-active"[2] and that to resolve the issue and heal the tooth, he mustn't drill but that she had to solve the underlying conflict.

The dentist tried to impress upon her that delaying treatment would further damage the tooth to the point of having to pull it eventually. What Ann planned, he insisted, was impossible, even more so since more than a third of the tooth was already affected by decay.

Unfazed, patient Ann replied that she would come back once the conflict was resolved and the tooth regenerated.

As a left-handed "German New Medicine" adept, Ann knew that the right side corresponded to the relations of mother and child. Some time before her dentist visit,  she had had a violent altercation with her mother. It had strained their relationship (which up to that point had been excellent) and it seemed likely that following archaic response patterns Ann was subconsciously trying to "crunch" her mother.

Ann initiated a heart-to-heart talk with her mother which led to their reconciliation.

Shortly thereafter, she developed "hellish" pain in that tooth which lasted eight hours and started as surprisingly as it left.[3]

Some time later, she noticed that the tooth had fully regenerated. In fact, more than that, the tooth had laid down some additional enamel[4]. According to  Dr. Hamer, such proliferation is a healing "overreaction" on the part of nature meant to make us come out stronger than before the illness.

True to her word, Ann went back to her dentist to present her "proof" that teeth will rebuild when the underlying biological conflict has been (and remains) resolved.

Upon examination, her dentist couldn't find any caries in the tooth in question and thought he had made a mistake when noting the side upon which the carious tooth was located. But the corresponding tooth on the other side was already crowned.

When Ann pointed out the "overgrowth" and related the pain episode she had experienced, the dentist finally grudgingly yielded to the facts, particularly since the newly repaired tooth structure - which was whitish in colour and mottled - was clearly distinguished from the rest of the tooth.

The dentist was at a loss to explain how a tooth could actually rebuild itself, ridding itself of all decay (caries) in the process. When he had finally recovered his composure, he remarked that she must be a medical miracle.

Not at all, Ann thought, pointing to Dr. Hamer and his "5 Biological Laws of Nature".[2]

To have her all-clear diagnosis verified, she went to see a second dentist. This one very quickly noted that the upper right-hand molar in question was slightly speckled and for whatever reason was growing into the interstitial space, something he had never seen before.

According to Hamer's 5 Biological Laws of Nature, even a tooth will rebuild itself if(!) the conflict underlying its falling ill is resolved.

Most people will go to the dentist to have even small spots of tooth decay drilled and filled, thus counteracting nature's thrust and ability to rebuild.[5] And while pain during the healing of bone fractures is considered normal, tooth pain is typically considered a reason to have a tooth drilled and filled when it COULD mean the tooth is actually healing.[6]

Footnotes by Healing Teeth Naturally

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