Increase the circulation to teeth and gums

Some attribute importance to massaging the gums for several minutes a day to stimulate enhanced circulation of nutrients to the teeth proper, stimulate saliva flow and hinder the formation of plaque deposits, as well as increase circulation to (and thus likely repair and strength of) the gums themselves. One can even use a (softer) toothbrush for this purpose.

Of course, each time you properly chew natural, fibrous food, the gums are "intrinsically" being massaged. More at Dental health prerequisite number 6: proper mastication - exercise your teeth and gums by chewing well.

Using an oral irrigator (such as a Waterpik device) by itself or with the addition of some salt or 3% hydrogen peroxide added to the warm water should also increase blood respectively lymph circulation in your mouth and gums.

Make sure to carefully read the instructions of your device to see which rinsing and antiseptic solutions you can use without shortening its life or damaging it. Rinse and cleanse the unit afterwards according to manufacturer's instructions.

Any herbs that stimulate blood and lymph flow would also work to increase the circulation to the teeth and gums. For this purpose, I have seen suggested herbs or plant products such as tea tree oil, peppermint oil and cayenne pepper as well as bayberry root bark and echinacea root. Arnica apparently strongly enhances circulation.

For more herbs which reportedly assist the gum tissues, compare Herbal and plant extracts & essences and other natural gum home remedies, therapeutic rinses and mouthwashes. Also see Herbs for strengthening teeth and gums and Making your own natural herbal mouthwash. Ideally, you may wish to combine your gum massage with one or the other of the remedies mentioned on the above pages.

An outstanding tool that strongly increases circulation to teeth and gums is Mastic gum (resin), a healthy chewing gum alternative which additionally freshens the breath, fights bacterial plaque, helps whiten teeth AND offers unique medical benefits.


If the results regarding the effect of physical exercise on susceptibility to cavities obtained by Dr. Steinman in rat experiments[1] are transferable to humans (and I think they are in this case), exercising (or not) when living on a nutrient-deficient diet will make a tremendous difference to how much tooth decay is developed.

Details under Drs. Steinman & Leonora on the true causes of tooth decay: dentinal fluid transport theory of natural caries resistance and cariogenesis.

Eat (more) omega3 fatty acids & virgin coconut oil

Compare Testimonial: fish oil (omega3s) as a cure for tooth decay and toothache and Omega-3 fatty acids help against gingivitis and periodontitis Flax oil and ground flax seed heal bleeding gums.

Coenzyme Q10 (ubiquinone)

CoQ10 is an important "cofactor" present in all our cells (primarily in the mitochondria responsible for energy - ATP - production). Topical application of CoQ10 has shown benefits against periodontal disease.[2]

Urine therapy

According to Dr. G.K. Thakkar, thoroughly "washing" one's mouth with one's own fresh urine has worked wonders with all kinds of dental issues such as bleeding gums, loosening teeth, and abscesses, as vouched for by thousands of people.

To unfailingly reap those benefits, it's imperative however to rinse one's mouth with urine for a full ten minutes (or 15 - there are different statements - personally I would hold it as long as possible) so its healing agents can reach the roots of the teeth.

If you are new to urine therapy, you might wish to simply dab some fresh urine onto any tooth or other area of your mouth you are having trouble with. More detailed information at Urine therapy for the healing of teeth and gum problems.

This page also explains why adding other natural medicinal agents such as propolis (compare propolis background info) to the urine might actually reduce its healing effects, even if they - like propolis - have been found to protect against Streptococcus mutans (a major bacterium involved in tooth cavities).

MMS (Miracle Mineral Supplement)

Compare Brushing your teeth with MMS.

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1 Healing Teeth Naturally does not support animal experimentation. Many reasons for this for instance at Animal Experimentation Unscientific and On Differences Between Species.

2 See e.g. "Role of coenzyme Q(10) as an antioxidant and bioenergizer in periodontal diseases" .

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