Healing report teeth

My burden

In 1954[1] I had numerous problems with my teeth. Very frequently I had to go to the dentist due to toothache (from cavities or defective fillings). Off and on, my pain was very strong but I refused to take painkillers.

My healing

One day as I was chewing and feeling that strong pain again, it occurred to me that "I really should see a different dentist". But then I immediately thought, "instead of finding a new dentist, why not absorb the Healing Stream and ask for help with your teeth?"

So this is what I did on a daily basis until the day when together with the French-speaking friends we went to visit Bruno Gröning's tomb in Dillenburg (November 1994). While there I absorbed a lot of Healing Stream and spiritually released all the problems I had with my teeth to him.

Only three days later did I notice during a meal that I no longer suffered any pain, even when chewing very hard food. I had received the healing.

Bruno Gröning has said something very close to my heart,

"Evil is powerful - but God is all-powerful."

I thank my Father God for this healing and for having blessed me to experience the fruits of belief.

My thanks also go to Bruno Gröning.


The healing energy received is indeed powerful and clearly goes far beyond placebo. One astounding example of many is Terminal radiation sickness completely healed through the "healing stream" (a Chernobyl victim sent home to die inexplicably making a "miracle" recovery after severe radiation poisoning). Do make sure to learn about the proper way of tuning in before availing yourself of this spiritual source of help, described here.

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1 I believe this to be a typo which should be corrected to read 1994.

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