One of Seth's best-known ideas is that "you create your own reality" (via your thoughts and resulting feelings).

The person in question had a serious tooth issue 4.5 years prior to his report. A large infection over one of his front teeth was painful to the point that occasionally his vision was clouded.

The dental surgeon he consulted performed an x-ray of the area and diagnosed resorption of the root, with just millimeters remaining above his gumline. She urged him to have the tooth immediately removed and replaced by an artificial one. She gave him antibiotics against the infection.

When he presented the x-ray to other dentists for a second and third opinion he received identical or even more disheartening news — he was warned that as little as biting into a sandwich would make his tooth break off.

As he was taking the antibiotics the following days a thought occurred to him: he did not agree with the idea of having this tooth removed and replaced. He felt a deep conviction come over him that echoed "f... that noise" in his head (for those unfamiliar with this colloquialism, it is used to express rejection of something).

As chance or fate would have it, it was at that very time that he had stumbled upon the Seth material.

So under his daily shower he started to affirm that he was a benevolent being of light. He visualised all his teeth as consisting of energy. He sent healing, love, energy and light through them. Out loud he affirmed that he had the strongest teeth in the western hemisphere while really emotionally feeling immense strength and energy in his teeth.

In his mind's eye, he saw himself chomping apples and crunching ice. He also saw himself looking like American actor Matt Dillon in a film where his character had his teeth capped to make them appear extra big. He also started applying many of the affirmations suggested by Seth.

All of this was not easy since he had his own lingering doubts about his ability to actually heal his tooth. They were reinforced by his family who joined the dentists in hounding him to submit to the surgery "before it would be too late".

But whenever he was tempted to simply cave in, he redoubled his efforts affirming that this was not his path (and to strengthen his resolve, the f... formula was liberally used...).

He kept at this mental program for many months.

At the time of reporting (4.5 years later), he still had his original front tooth "strong as the tooth of an ox) with no signs of its strength diminishing.

As usual in cases of self-healing, the medical experts (here: the dentists) were baffled and at a loss to explain.

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1 Many excerpts from Seth's books can be found here. (And thank you to JR for bringing this astounding — and encouraging — case to my attention.)

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