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(Newbies to urine treatment please see Urine therapy for the healing of teeth and gum problems.)

Toothache with brain fog and headaches greatly relieved

(Reported by site visitor Nancy on 30 April 2013): "I discovered your site about a week ago. I have been experiencing pain in a tooth. It had gotten to where my head was cloudy and I was having headaches, which I don't usually get.

I have used the warm salt water, which gave some temporary help. I also used oregano oil. This may have given some help. The most dramatic difference was from the urine therapy. I saw that on your site last Saturday (27 April) and tried it right away. I tasted a small amount. Then, I used a Q tip to apply some on the tooth a few times.

Next, I took about a tablespoon in my mouth and held it for 5 minutes, often pressing my tongue against the roof of my mouth, as you had suggested. Sometimes, I'd swish it around. Then, I drank a few sips. I have held some in my mouth for 5 minutes and have drunk some 2 times a day since then, morning and night.

The pain was greatly reduced within the first 24 hours. Also, I don't have the cloudy feeling in my head. The headaches have mostly disappeared. I hope that as I continue, the pain will disappear. Even though I take many supplements, I realized that I needed to be more diligent with taking calcium1 and Vitamin D. I also added in vitamin K2."

Update May 6: Unfortunately, in this case the toothache eventually came back "with a vengeance" and Nancy had the tooth pulled. For the possible/likely reasons, see the important warning under Urine therapy for the healing of teeth and gum problems (scroll to "Caveat: to be on the safest side, never mix urine with any antiseptic substance").

Urine rinses can keep developing pain under bridge work at bay

With (even the slightest) pain developing under a dental bridge, to my knowledge there are several DIY options (apart from having the bridge immediately removed in order to prevent the trapped infection from spreading "under cover").

While an infection as well shielded from direct access as the area trapped under a bridge is more difficult to reach, one can try to keep the beginning infection at bay by

Of these options, urine rinses are the most easily available, economical and (judging by an anecdotal report) probably the most powerful. Next in line are chlorhexidine rinses, while xylitol rinses are always beneficial. All three also benefit the other teeth while urine additionally benefits the rest of the body as well.

You can read details about one person's successful application of the above combination treatment - with particular emphasis on urine rinses - under Risks & complications of wearing a dental bridge (scroll to number "8: Advice for those who wear a bridge and who develop pain").2

With urine treatment, intense toothache disappears within hours - dentist had advised root canal

We also have a powerful report by an Indian woman whose dentist had repeatedly advised to have her infected tooth root-canalled. After trying a number of natural approaches which did work for a while to keep the tooth 'silent', she finally developed unbearable pain due to the infection having spread (as ascertained via x-ray).

When at her wit's end, she tried auto-urine therapy, the miracle happened (see her report under Urine therapy for the healing of teeth and gum problems - scroll to "A cure report for intense toothache").

Painful tooth root infection with jaw and lymph node involvement yields to urine therapy

In this case, the benefits of urine mouth-washes and ingestion not only included the near-instantaneous ceasing of all toothache but even the lightening of brown spots on the affected tooth. This amazing report can be read in detail under Testimonial: urine therapy heals severe tooth root infection.

How to apply urine as a mouthwash for teeth and gums (external and/or internal application)

See the overview and background page Urine therapy for the healing of teeth and gum problems which includes additional (shorter) tooth and gum-related healing reports as well as a tip how to "painlessly" hold urine in your mouth.

Incidentally, even a drop or two of your own "tailor-made medicine" applied on a painful spot or taken under the tongue has yielded dramatic healing results, as have homeopathic (taste- and colourless) urine preparations and injections.

In any case, once you have experienced dramatic pain relief using your own urine, you will never look at your own "water" the same as you did before.

Also see Auto-uropathy: how to ease into urine self-treatment.


1 Healing Teeth Naturally also advises to take magnesium such as in the form of magnesium oil you can make yourself using magnesium chloride and water which you apply to the skin. Magnesium is essential for proper calcium utilisation and lacking in most people's diet due to soil depletion and/or poor dietary choices.

2 For reports on how various people have successfully dealt with infections in another exceedingly difficult area to reach, see Tooth root infection suggested remedies. As mentioned, any of the tips featured there could be useful additions to the urine / chlorhexidine / xylitol treatment.

Case stories: natural tooth and/or gum healing

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