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Due to osteoporosis, the patient in question had suffered a fracture of one of her lumbar vertebrae at the end of 1991, and another fracture of another vertebra shortly after, at the start of the following year.

She had been taking medications for a number of years but alas (yet unsurprisingly) to no avail. Her back was in fact in such poor condition that she was no longer able to dress her handicapped husband in the morning.

One day she happened upon a TV program featuring author Carmen Thomas talking about uropathy and decided to buy Thomas' (first) book addressing the subject.

It took her two days to overcome her initial aversion to the therapy. Since then she has been ingesting six sips of her own urine every morning. As early as eight days into the practice, she already felt perfectly improved and has since been able to fully care for her husband again.

In January 1994, she had a medical checkup - which showed all of her organs to be in perfectly normal working order. When a radiologist additionally measured her bone-mineral density, it was found that not only had her mineral loss been stopped in its tracks - but that her bone mass had actually increased, showing a 3-4% growth in new crystallisation.3

Considering that this patient did nothing to change her diet or lifestyle but simply added auto-urine therapy, and that conventional medicine considers osteoporosis incurable while "alternative", i.e. naturopathic practitioners typically prescribe a range of "indispensable" measures to take before one can hope to reverse this serious affliction, this case is all the more remarkable, allowing it to proudly claim a place among the numerous (apparent) miracle cures reported for uropathy.

Once again, the power of that most humble of medical treatments - urine therapy - to improve and in fact reverse conditions that to all intents and purposes seem to be beyond help, has been demonstrated.

In a nutshell: naturopathic advice for osteoporosis (most of which directly applies to dental health as well)

  • Increase magnesium levels
  • Increase boron levels
  • Increase vitamin D (plus K2) levels
  • Increase weight-bearing exercise (for teeth, this translates into Dental health prerequisite number 6: proper mastication - exercise your teeth and gums by chewing well)
  • "Balance" hormones (estrogen dominance) by using natural progesterone cream
  • Increase gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) intake
  • Avoid an acid-forming diet (refined sugars, most animal products, many grains, cola, junk food etc.)
  • Minimize consumption of animal proteins
  • Avoid fluoride intake4
  • Last but far from least: optimize digestion to make sure you properly absorb vitamins, minerals, trace elements etc. This means don't overeat, chew well, eat enzyme-rich (i.e. raw) food, include fermented food (probiotics) and/or take digestive enzymes, probiotic supplements etc.

Important note

Those who cannot bear the thought of using something supposedly as "dirty" as one's own urine for therapeutic purposes may be relieved to know that doctors and private individuals have also used homeopathic (taste- and colourless!) urine preparations and of course injections with great success (see background information at Urine therapy for the healing of teeth and gum problems: on the dental benefits of uropathy, Urine therapy Background on urotherapy as a cure for diseases including cancer as well as Auto-uropathy: how to ease into urine self-treatment).


1 A general definition of osteoporosis would include decrease in bone mass and mineral density, deterioration of bone microarchitecture, and alterations in bone proteins, resulting inter alia in postural changes and increased fracture risk.

2 If you are new to urine therapy, see the introductory background info including beginners' tips at Urine therapy for the healing of teeth and gum problems: on the dental benefits of uropathy.

3 Case reported in Carmen Thomas' German-language book "Erfahrungen mit Urin" [Experiences With Urine].

4 See The harmful effects of fluoridation for how fluoride interferes with bone mineralization and causes osteoporosis.

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