Former Prime Minister of India Morarji Desai, a staunch drinker of his own morning urine who died at age 99, wrote about urine therapy, "For diseases of eyes, ears, teeth and skin, it is the most effective remedy".

Dr. G.K. Thakkar (author of "Wonders of Uropathy" and former chairman of the "Water of Life Foundation", India) stated that thoroughly washing one's mouth with one's own fresh urine has worked wonders ("almost 100% success") with all manner of tooth and gum troubles. These include

  • toothache healed (even the worst type of tooth pain, never failing in a single instance, with severest toothache disappearing in minutes)
  • loose teeth firming up within a week
  • incurable gingivitis, pyorrhea/periodontitis (bleeding gums) healed in a few days
  • abscesses and canker sores healed

Others additionally have reported success with

  • dental inflammation
  • tartar (calculus)
  • tooth root infection
  • keeping infection and pain developing under a bridge under total control[2]

Some gum / toothache healing testimonials thanks to uropathy

C. P. Mithal, author of "Urine Therapy: Self-Healing Through Intrinsic Medicine" and "Miracles of Urine Therapy", reports that toothache was miraculously relieved after rinsing with urine.

He also recounts the case of a 30-year-old with loose lower teeth, where the dentist had advised extraction. This man followed Mithal's instructions regarding urine treatment for periodontitis to a T (see below under "How to apply urine"), and within two months his gums healed and his teeth firmed up.

Dr. Ulrich Erwin Hasler, a Swiss physician and author of a book on auto-urine therapy, reports a case of periodontitis/bleeding gums. Once a day, the patient held his own urine in his mouth for 15 minutes and his gums stopped bleeding.

Naturopath John W. Armstrong reported in his book "The Water of Life" the case of a man suffering from (dentist-diagnosed) pyorrhea who took half a pint (about 17 cubic inches or 0.3 l) of his own urine every morning and also used urine as a mouthwash.

To the surprise of his dentist, all signs of gum disease had vanished in a span of nine weeks. This was accomplished without the fast on urine and water that Armstrong typically advocated.

Armstrong added that by cleansing the body of its impurities by a fast on urine and plain water, pyorrhea vanishes automatically, a fact that he observed in all cases he ever treated. As to his own teeth, he writes that a well-balanced diet and urine therapy preserved them so he never required a dentist.

Site visitor Sara has reported a most amazing dental healing experience with a serious and painful tooth root infection that had spread to her jaw and the lymph nodes in her neck. Not only did the pain stop immediately upon holding urine in her mouth, but brown spots on the tooth started to lighten as well. See her detailed report at Testimonial: urine therapy heals severe tooth root infection.

A cure report for intense toothache (from 2008, formerly found at involves a woman who a year earlier had been advised by her dentist to have an infected tooth root canalled. She declined the offer and started brushing her teeth more regularly as well as avoiding sugary and junk foods instead.

A year later she developed renewed and increasing pain in this tooth and its surroundings to the point of it becoming unbearable. The dentist took x-rays which showed infection in a large part of the tooth getting closer to the pulp ("nerve"), and once again advised a root canal.

Since she knew about the noxious side effects of root canal treatment she again declined and for two days tried naturopathic remedies such as rinsing her mouth with sesame oil, clove tea, salt plus turmeric water, and other things but found no relief, with the pain even slightly worsening.

Reluctantly and in desperation, she tried auto-urine therapy, and a miracle happened. On the first day of taking her urine, her pain disappeared within hours and two days later (when this was reported), she continued to be pain-free.

Note: In this particular instance, it seems that the urine was ingested, not just used externally. No further follow-up report has been provided as of March 2013.

On 16 May 2014, site visitor Jake reported actual healing of tooth decay: a dental checkup done in the summer of 2013 revealed seven cavities, one of them under an existing crown. Refusing all treatment, a full mouth x-ray taken six months later however showed that all of Jake's cavities were gone.

While Jake takes a great number of herbal remedies so cannot tell exactly what or which combination of things did the trick for him, he does believe that the most helpful practices were his twice-daily "urine pulling" sessions of at least ten minutes each as well as thorough xylitol rinses after meals (up to six times a day), using half to one teaspoon of xylitol (a combination practice highly recommended by Healing Teeth Naturally).

On a related note, also read this sensational Testimonial: urine therapy heals osteoporosis (includes naturopathic advice for bone mineral loss and dental healing).

How to apply urine as a mouthwash for teeth and gums (external application)

Dr Thakkar advises to fill your mouth with your own fresh urine (morning urine has the most therapeutic substances) and "wash" with it for 10 to 15 minutes to allow the gums to absorb its healing agents as deeply as possible. Repeat 3 - 4 times a day. This of course is very close to the practice of oil pulling (or water pulling) and may ideally combine the benefits of both!

Dr. Thakkar even asserts that using urine as a nightly mouthwash before bed will "give you lifetime guarantee for your teeth!"

For toothache, C. P. Mithal advises to rinse for 2 to 3 mins, 5 to 6 times, and then put a piece of cloth drenched in urine on the painful spot. He adds that urine 3 to 7 days old is more effective as a painkiller and that his own old urine applied with a piece of cloth even worked for a relative of his.

For periodontitis, Mithal says to rinse several times daily for a minimum of two months, and to further speed up the healing by additionally drinking some morning urine.

Finally, after dental extractions (a practice hardly endorsed by Healing Teeth Naturally, see Tooth extraction risks), rinsing with urine every 15 to 30 minutes reportedly allows the wound to heal without pain and hardly or no swelling (urine treatment is in fact "famous" for its healing effect on wounds).

Personally I've found the "secret" to "painlessly" holding urine in the mouth lies in avoiding all contact with the upper tongue surface (where the majority of taste buds is located) by "bracing" the tongue against the palate. In this manner, hardly any taste sensation is perceivable while all the teeth are bathed in the fluid.

If you'd prefer to "ease" into urine therapy, you may want to start by dabbing some fresh urine onto any tooth or gum area you wish to strengthen or improve (personally I have experienced near-immediate improvement in an open tooth that was painful to chew on but was ok after dabbing on a few drops of urine).

Many tips and tricks can be found at Auto-uropathy: how to ease into urine self-treatment (urine taste issues and tips for beginners on this "royal road to self-healing" with your own perfect medicine).

Incidentally, urea, a major compound found in urine, is also present in virtually all bodily fluids including saliva which contains 0.01% urea.[1]

Caveat: to be on the safest side, never mix urine with any antiseptic substance

Dr. Charles H. Duncan was a surgeon who later in his career discovered "Autotherapy" - the use of drops of various bodily excretions from infected organs to help heal otherwise intractable diseases.

This auto-treatment administered by injection or by mouth was found to exert a powerfully curative influence and helped spare many of Dr. Duncan's patients major surgeries and even death. He and the physicians who adopted his method among other excreta also made use of urine.

In his landmark book "Autotherapy", Dr. Duncan warns however that one must not combine antiseptics with the excreta or the latter's active principle (i.e. the toxins which upon injection or ingestion induce the healing response) will be inactivated. (Incidentally, advanced gum (periodontal) disease was also healed by autotherapy.)

A recent case of toothache which was initially massively helped by urine therapy but where the toothache came back with a vengeance was found to have applied several antiseptic treatment measures (hydrogen peroxide mouthwash, salt treatments, lots of oregano oil both internally and directly on the tooth) near-simultaneously with the urine treatment and thus might have inadvertently deactivated the 'active ingredients' in the urine.

Since both personal experience and that of a number of others have shown urine therapy to be near-infallible with tooth pain, I most strongly advise not to directly combine the application of any antiseptic agents with your urine treatment lest the urine lose its curative power. You should definitely be able to additionally use antiseptics to advantage, but at different times (such as a couple of hours after the urine treatment).

Enhancing the therapeutic effects of urine therapy for dental health purposes

Martha Christy writes in her book "Your Own Perfect Medicine" (see Urine therapy books) that all natural healing modalities go well with uropathy, particularly homeopathy. Considering the above caveat, it would seem best however not to directly add any natural antibiotics such as propolis* or tea tree oil but if you do use such items, to apply them at different times.

* Since propolis besides its dental benefits has also been found to mask any unpleasant urine odours or taste, it is tempting to use but still should be avoided.

A note re urine and mercury (such as from dental amalgam)

Martha Christy quotes in her above-mentioned book from "Urinanalysis in Clinical Laboratory Practice" by Miles Laboratories that even in a case of severe mercury poisoning, the actual amount of mercury passed into the urine was infinitesimal.

Background on urotherapy

Those interested in the science and research behind urine therapy as well as a listing of diseases healed thanks to this time-honoured practice will find much information e.g. under Urine therapy as a cure for numerous diseases including cancer.


Please note that one or more authors advise not to use urine therapy either externally or internally when you have a bladder or kidney infection, while others have reported spectacular successes with both kidney and bladder disorders (such as cystitis cleared up within two days by a teaspoon of morning urine taken half an hour before meals).

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1 And as with straight urine itself, urea has been very successfully used to eliminate cancerous tumors, see Urea treatment as a cancer cure.

2 For important caveats regarding bridges which develop infection, see Risks of dental bridges.

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