(If you are new to urine therapy, see introductory background info including beginners' tips at Urine therapy for the healing of teeth and gum problems: on the dental benefits of uropathy.)

"I had a severe tooth root infection that had spread to the jaw and to lymph nodes in my neck. The tooth is broken and possibly dead with some dark brown spots around the broken edges. I went on a four day urine and water fast and held urine in the mouth for 15 minutes about four times per day and the infection is completely healed and the tooth is no longer loose. I am eating with the tooth.

The first night I packed green French clay[1] around the infected tooth and gum and was amazed at the improvement by morning. The pain stopped immediately when I held urine in my mouth and the infection drained from my gum and from inside the tooth over a period of four days.

At first it was green and bloody and turned to yellow, then white and eventually clear liquid drained out for several additional days after all pain and swelling was gone. The brown part of the tooth is now getting lighter and it looks like the hole inside the tooth where fluid was draining from is closing.

In addition, a chip on my front tooth is re-enameling. I am only holding the urine in the mouth once a day now but drink my first morning urine every day. I am also taking a MK-7 supplement and vitamin D3 daily.[2]

I know an infection like this is dangerous but I have had horrible experiences with dentists[3] and wonderful results with urine therapy with many ailments other than teeth so I decided to trust my instincts and it payed off. I plan on using the urine as a preventative measure from now on."

Addenda by Healing Teeth Naturally

  1. If the idea of holding urine in your mouth sounds revolting to you (personally it took me several years to even start looking into uropathy since I thought there were so many natural remedies, why resort to what my upbringing had taught me to find disgusting?), know that even a drop or two of your own "tailor-made medicine" applied on a painful spot or taken under the tongue can and has yielded dramatic healing results, as have homeopathic (taste- and colourless!) urine preparations and of course injections.

    More testimonials of toothache healed by urine therapy and background information (incl. additional tooth and gum-related healing reports) at Urine therapy for the healing of teeth and gum problems: on the dental benefits of uropathy. Also see Auto-uropathy: how to ease into urine self-treatment.

  2. For a number of different ways people have successfully addressed tooth root infections, see Tooth root infection remedies and Abscess home remedies.

... and for a complete summary of the best, easiest, and most efficient ways I know to stop and cure tooth decay

after studying the subject for twelve years, click here.


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1 Other healing clays should also help draw out the infection, as well as a wet teabag, cabbage leaf poultices etc. For more simple suggestions see for instance Abscess home remedies.

2 More at The important vitamin K2.

3 Compare the Conventional section including "Personal experiences & testimonials: dentistry 'horror stories'".

Case stories: natural tooth and/or gum healing