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Dietary causes include for instance the increasing absence of hard food in the diet requiring thorough mastication - proper chewing strengthens and enlarges the jawbone. Another reason is the shortening of the breastfeeding period - nursing a child contributes to widening the infant's palatal arch.

So when "modern" wisdom teeth are trying to break through the jawbone, they frequently find too little space available to them.

Since teeth are harder than the softer jawbone (in fact, tooth enamel is the hardest and most mineralised substance in our body), the stronger one "wins" meaning that the bone tissue must yield - resulting in inflammation and resorption of jawbone.

Additionally the roots of the wisdom tooth may start pressing on the lower jaw nerve.

Individually and combined, these factors will frequently create so-called interference fields and focal infections which in turn can lead to numerous health problems.

Tragically, a person can harbour deep infection and inflammation of the jawbone around a wisdom tooth (or in fact other area of their jaws)  without noticing any swelling, pain, or fever.

Numerous diseases potentially related to infected wisdom teeth

See the examples under Impacted wisdom teeth - potential health impacts (removing interference fields / focal infections can instantly heal physical ailments) and Jawbone infection and other problems around a wisdom tooth can cause illnesses of spine and back.

More on interference fields

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