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While spine and back-related problems are far from the only illnesses that have been found to be linked to pathogenic processes occurring around wisdom teeth[2] - whether still there or already extracted - Dr. Sollmann inter alia reported the following specific "vertebragenic" diseases as being linked to the same-side wisdom tooth region (as shown by the fact that these diseases healed after the osteolytic/osteitis area had been surgically cleaned):

  • back pain
  • neuralgia ischiadica (sciatica)
  • problems involving the intervertebral discs and/or the cervical vertebrae (incl. spinal disc herniation [slipped discs])
  • one-sided migraine
  • periarthritis
  • epicondylitis (tennis elbow, golfer's elbow)
  • pain between the shoulderblades
  • and especially torticollis.

According to Dr. Sollmann's observations, osteolysis in the wisdom tooth area is the main reason for back problems occurring on the same side. The most commonly found culprit is the inner angle of the lower jaw (mandible).

Why wisdom teeth can lead to problems: the creation of interference fields / focal infections

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Some case reports

provided by Dr Sollmann highlighting the cause-effect relationship between pathogenic processes surrounding wisdom teeth and vertebragenic diseases affecting the same side of the body:

Torticollis spasticus, intractable
Female patient, 21, had been suffering from a fixed wry neck, tilted to the left for nine months. X-rays showed a (still vital) carious lower wisdom tooth on the left side surrounded by distal osteolysis. After removal of the offending wisdom tooth and surgical cleaning of the retromolar area[3] she was free of all complaints within a few days.

Left-sided sciatica
Female patient, 32, suffering with sacral nerve [S1] syndrome with neurological deficits. X-rays showed osteolysis in the region of the left wisdom tooth. After surgery of the left retromolar area, she became (and remained) free of all complaints.

Right-sided sciatica
Dentist, 32, suffering with sciatica on the right side with neurological deficits. X-rays revealed a vital wisdom tooth stuck in the ascending arm of the right jaw with distal osteitic pocket formation. After removal of the right wisdom tooth and surgical revision of the corresponding retromolar area, he was free of complaints, with all symptoms vanishing.

Right-sided migraine headaches, intractable
Male patient, 21. X-rays uncovered osteolysis in the right retromolar area, with no wisdom tooth germ present (the jaw being too narrow). The patient found lasting relief from his headaches following the surgical cleanup of the region.

Strong pain radiating from the cervical vertebrae with muscular atrophy of the right arm
Dentist, 52, had been unable to work for a year. X-rays revealed a retained root from a wisdom tooth extraction on the right side surrounded by an osteolytic zone. Upon surgical removal of the retained root and osteolytic area, he was back at work four weeks later.

Many other illnesses potentially related to infected wisdom teeth areas

See the numerous examples listed under Impacted wisdom teeth - potential health impacts: removing interference fields / focal infections can instantly heal physical ailments.


1 "Medizinische Klinik", Nr. 2, 51-54, 1966, the article is entitled "Kieferwinkel und vertebragene Krankheiten".

2 See e. g. Impacted wisdom teeth - potential health impacts (removing interference fields / focal infections can instantly heal physical ailments). German professor Dr. med. dent. Werner Becker additionally observed that a study from England has shown that there are no cases of heart attacks that do not have prior wisdom tooth problems as part of their medical history (www.prof-becker-koeln.de/Publikationen-114.html#-1181).

3 retromolar area = region lying behind the molar teeth.

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