1 Please note that Healing Teeth Naturally is not associated with Dr. Bruhn in any way, shape or form. In all likelihood, Dr. Bruhn might not endorse some, much or most other material published on this site.

2 Dr. Ulrich Bruhn himself does not seem to have a website. He actively participates in various forums, however, and it is mostly based on one such German-language forum thread ( that Healing Teeth Naturally has compiled this extensive while concise xylitol FAQ and all the other information presented on this site summarizing the essentials of Dr Bruhn's approach to dental xylitol treatment.

As is typical for forum and social media discussions, most of the text appearing in the above thread is highly repetitive or irrelevant, and it took me several days to read the thread alone (which meanwhile spans over 500 pages) and many more days to distil, compile and translate what is essential so it could be presented on this HealingTeethNaturally site in a user-friendly and extremely time-saving manner for the reader.

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