Those who don't know about the amazing health and healing effects of natural (powdered) zeolite can read background information eg under On Natural Zeolites as an Adjuvant in Anticancer Therapy and a Detoxifier for Heavy Metals, Pesticides and Other Toxins.

A 2012 study on the effectiveness of zeolite as a heavy metal chelator

Dr. Emmanouil Karampahtsis, Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine (USA), tested three popular zeolite health supplement brands, Waiora’s Natural Cellular Defense, Results RNA’s ACZ Nano Extra Strength, and ZEO Health’s Zeolite Pure, on 20 different human subjects.

The results demonstrated that zeolite not only is a safe and gentle chelator of heavy metals, but that the effectiveness of the zeolite depended upon the amount per dose.

As the study made very clear, the powdered zeolite ("Zeolite Pure") was superior because it outperformed (and quite dramatically so) the other two preparations in terms of the types and amounts of heavy metals that were excreted by the test subjects.

You can see these results for yourself by downloading Dr Karampahtsis' study Zeolite: Investigation of the Effectiveness and Safety as an Oral Chelating Agent for Heavy Metals. A comparison between different commercially available preparations.

According to Dr. Karampahtsis' concluding statements, "... as an oral supplement, zeolite can provide support to the human body to rid itself of heavy and toxic metals with minimal or no side effects. ... zeolite can be used in cases of lead, mercury or radiation poisoning to remove the harmful metals without further taxing the body...the obtained results showed the superiority of the powdered zeolite preparation, even at the lowest dose, in comparison to the other preparations taken at their higher doses."

Please note: While these so-called liquid[1] zeolite supplement formulae are on the market with multiple claims, scientific studies done to date showing effectiveness of zeolites against cancer[2] have been done with powdered zeolites exclusively.

Dr. Karampahtsis' study furnishes yet more proof for the observation that it's zeolites, and not water with some zeolites added, that exert the remedial action.

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1 In fact there is no such thing as “liquid” zeolite since zeolites cannot be liquefied, only suspended in a liquid such as water etc. Buying "liquid zeolite" means buying an overpriced product of water plus some zeolite powder added.

2 See e.g.

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